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How to place a guide in the center of a Photoshop document

To center the title of the book / author name in a book cover or in any document, here’s what I do: I set the Preferences for Units & Rulers to Percentage (Photoshop / Preferences / Units & Rulers / Percent). I place a new guide at the 50% mark (View / New Guide / 50%) […]

How to create beautiful ebooks with Vellum

Vellum is an ebook formatting software that enables you to create beautiful and professional .epub and .mobi. You can buy it here. Here’s a very interesting tutorial by author Sara Rosett: More info about how you need to format your Word document before exporting to Vellum here.

How to create a Fantasy book cover with PS

For Shadow, one of my Fantasy novels in French, I needed a cover that could immediately communicate the genre it belonged to. I followed Derek Murphy’s great tutorial: “How to design a YA dark fantasy book cover“. Basically, he says that most of the successful covers feature a girl in an old fashioned gown. For […]

How to format an attractive book description on Amazon KDP

I have always jealously wondered why some authors had blurbs that stood out whereas mine were plain and boring, without any italics, bold text, lists or headers. That’s because nobody told me that I could format them using html ! Here are the guidelines for supported html in Amazon. If you don’t know html, don’t worry: […]

How to set the right categories and keywords on Amazon KDP

In Amazon KDP, you can choose up to 2 categories and 7 keywords. The categories you place your book in make all the difference between a successful book launch and a complete flop.   General overview For a general overview, watch this video by KDP University. Basically, categories are like the sections of a library […]

How to set up a Perfect Author Website

For my website, I use WordPress. It’s very simple and you can find a lot of tutorials on Youtube. Here are some of the resources I checked out to build it. I hope they will help you! Ferdy Korpershoek’s video   Derek Murphy’s infography Source: http://www.creativindie.com/the-anatomy-of-a-perfect-author-website-infographic-a-marketing-blueprint-for-indie-authors  

Why you should make your book available for preorder

On Smashwords, you can set your books up a year in advance. On Amazon KDP, 90 days in advance. Here are the three main benefits to setting your book for presale on Kindle, Smashwords and iBooks:   Getting free and extra visibility Running a preorder starts generating visibility for a book well before its launch. Word-of-mouth buzz […]

What’s the best size and file format for an ebook cover?

For all my ebook covers, I use a 1.5 ratio (the same as a 6″x9″ book): 1600 x 2400 pixels with a resolution of 300 dpi. The file size should not exceed 2 MB. Here are my presets:   Each publisher has his own recommendations (size, ratio, file format…) but they might also accept other standards. […]