Photo Laure

Hi! I’m Laure.

Writer, daydreamer, dragon-rider & music lover.

A little bit about myself:

I’m married and I live in the South of France, where the weather is much better than in Paris. I’m a high school math teacher. Books are one of the most important things in my life. I’m also a travelholic, so I’m always planning my next trip. My dream is to go to Japan someday. I speak French, English, Italian, a little bit of Spanish, and I’m learning Japanese.

What else do I like? I enjoy art, cinema, and Japanese culture. I love dark chocolate and the scent of mimosa. I drink tea in large quantities. I hate ice cream . . . probably because I hate anything cold.
Last but not least, I have a lovely Angora cat, Singha (named after a Thai beer).

How did I end up being an author?

I wrote journals when I was a kid and always dreamed of publishing my own books, but it took me many years before I actually started writing one.

I eventually did in 2010 at Shanghai International Airport, where I had to wait ten hours for my flight. Shadow was born.
One year later, I received a call from one of the publishers I had sent my manuscript to: they loved my novel and were willing to publish it!

Since then, I have published 5 novels with them and I recently decided to become an indie author as well, since I want to experiment complete freedom with some of my novels. I work with professionals to edit the manuscript and make the cover because the quality is very important to me.

French? English?

I’m French (although both my parents are of Italian origin) and I like writing in French as well as in English. I love the English language, which I first learned in school and also by watching movies and TV series and by listening to music.
Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to live in an English-speaking country, but I’ve traveled to the US, the UK and Canada quite a few times. In July of 2015, I realized one of my dreams when I traveled the East Coast from DC to Boston through NYC for 4 weeks on my own. It was an amazing trip!

Now I hope you’ll enjoy my stories as much as I loved writing them 🙂